There is no booth fee for the 2022 conference!!

We are asking for something a little bit different. We ask All Vendors stay in a Balcony Room, buy at least a half a page in the ad book, and provide each conference attendee  with an item, see below for ideas. 

Prices for a single cabin are $4,500. That price is for 2 people, The price includes, room, all meals, all drinks, Wifi, a full page ad in the ad book, and a little extra to make sure people are looking for YOU during the conference. Each additional room (2 people) is $3,750

Below is a list of things we would like to give to attendees, We would prefer attendees get quality items that get used for years to come, not something that gets stuffed in a closet when the conference is over.  These items will have your name on them, Lets make sure its something people really want. 

We expect to have 150-300 Conference Attendees  


All of these below are just suggestions, if you have another thought or Idea  please let us know

A Bag/cooler

RTIC day cooler 15

This is high quality and will be used for years


27.99 a bag

Check Current prices here




Very functional bag   should be around for a long time

$30 a bag 







day cooler

15 backpack

This is high quality and will be used for years

This is the preferred bag for the conference 

47.99 a bag

Check Current prices here

Fresco sport cooler

An idea of another option  

Prices range from $22-26 a bag


RTIC 20 oz Tumbler

Put your logo in peoples hands, The Bahamas is hot, help people keep their drink cold. 

This is the Preferred tumbler for the conference

$14 a tumbler

Frequently on sale for $12 





An unusual venue , unusual stuff

Neck Wallets

A sure way for attendees to see your name! 

So many options.  Should be large enough to hold a passport. Must have a place for a name badge. 

$3-$8 each



Beach Towel

We are spending a few days on the beach

As close as you can get to attendees without a lawsuit

$14-$30 each



Cell phone charging options

Everyone has a phone

Be the hero people need!

The conference is sure to be busy, people may not have time to charge up in their room , and someone always forgets a charger

$12-$20 each


Reusable straws

We need to do our part to save the turtles. prices on these are only a few dollars a piece, 

Sunscreen/ sun care kit

We will be spending a  few days in the Caribbean sun after a long New England winter. your chance to offer a little protection. a few tubes of sunscreen per attendee would be great , a kit with some aloe would be better. 

Hand sanitizer

Lets face it, keeping your hands clean on a cruise is important 

Washy, Washy

A couple of these per attendee should be less than $5

Lantern Flashlight Combo



roughly $5 each


Excellent choice

roughly $5 each


Budget option 

Be there When people need you 

Whether people need a s little light because their cabin doesn’t have a window, or the have lost power in a New England Blizzard. Be the light people reach for when they need it. 



We view the above items as priorities, but the items below would be fun to have 

We will need PENS. and HIGHLIGHTERS , please bring some along



Magnetic Whiteboard

Cell service doesn’t work in the middle of the ocean, this can be left on cabin doors the leave notes for people looking for you 




Magnetic Clip

Walls on-board are metal  this is an easy way to keep track of your important stuffYou can adjust the layout for each Block at three different device widths – desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Snorkel Set

The Cruise stop at 2 locations with nothing but clear blue water waiting to be explored, Why not give something people will use and have memories of for a lifetime   $22 dollars each with you Logo on it

   Assessment Dartboard

      Want to be sure you logo will be looked at for years? One of these will will be a                       conversation piece for years, if not decades in peoples offices